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4L60E manual shift. my truck has the 5. more gears = better fuel economy. 4l60e to 4l80e swap kit Febru by Jason Swapping from the 4L60E to the 4L80E is not difficult to do in vehicles that were equipped with both transmissions. hi guys im new here.

I&39;ve got all the upshift & downshift tables set to an extremely low mph, so the PCM is relying solely on the current selected gear. 3 liter engine in it. com 4L60e-HD3 kit for full manual shifts. People also love these ideas. But it is very similar (if not identical) for most all GMT400 trucks.

Would be a good idea to get some wiring diagramss10 with 700R-4, 1994 4l60E, and 1994 manual trans) of the transmission controls. GM figured out it was easier to control the transmission electronically than via the hydraulic circuits. I&39;ve found a place to get a 4L60E, that&39;s no issue. I have only modified/added to it to correct the slight differences from the LT1. I&39;m assuming i need to change my transmission to a manual setup to turn off the transmission part of my tune. After that we’ll look at the actual modifications and procedures. steering column and instrument panel from a manual truck,. The L indicates that the engine is longitudinally positioned.

The Novak 4L60E to Jeep Model 300 transfer case adapter is very compact at only 3. In short you&39;ll cut the purple / white wires that power your coil and attach them to the HEI distributor ( purple = power / white = Tach). This Master Conversion Package Includes the following: However, I am strongly considering taking the time to swap it to a manual.

Saved by Cmokrani. GM shortened the package to 21. Disconnect the vehicle wiring harness from the transmission at the case by squeezing the sides together while pulling the connector up. The 4L60E also uses a 4-pinion front planetary carrier, which is more expensive than the rear unit.

i was wondering if its possible to swap out a 4L60E for a 6L80. in my opinion there is no reason to go through all the head ache of finding a swapping all the parts to go manual. Converter lockup is as simple as a ground switch to power the converter lockup solenoid. A 4l60e is a 700r4 - the only difference being that one shifts electrically and the other shifts hydraulically. Plus I&39;m trying to stay 2WD if possible, because I kinda have plans for a cam and turbo maybe, in the even further future. I&39;ve been successfully manually shifting my 4L60E with my B&M truck megashifter on a daily basis.

4L60E Conversion Packages;. Manual Low (Figure 1) In manual low, manual low pres-sure is supplied through tube 1 to a fitting adapter (dummy solenoid) to the 1-2 shift valve bore. The 4L60E naming also indicates a lot about the transmission. transmission, bell housing, clutch, flywheel. Now route the cable from under the vehicle into the inside without letting it drag the ground. I just want to stay in the gear I choose, and know what powerband I have. Introduced in trucks in 1993 and rear-wheel-drive passenger cars in 1994, the 4L60E (and its later, beefier descendents, the 4L65E and 4L70E) are fully electronic, computer-controlled transmissions.

Here are the main parts that you are going to need in order to make your own 4L60E to 4L80E swap kit. The 4L60E is showing its age, and I am currently considering my options. Currently has 86k miles, and the 4l60E still feels like a slushbox like 99% of automatics new or old. 4L60E to T56 conversion instructions forLS1 FBody Modified by Jesse Mock (SSnakekiller), 4l60e to manual swap originally written by Alex Afrashteh for instructions on an LT1 Swap. ually shifted 4L60E works. However, the electronic aspect of the trans reared its head when we checked clearance for the vehicle speed sensor. The input shaft has 30 splines.

Connect the shifter you have made to the transmission. Information about rebuild 4L60E (700R4) transmission. Plug it into the cigarette lighter receptacle. The 4L60E transmission is designed to handle a max engine torque of 360 lb-ft. From what I have researched so far an NV3500 will be the best fit for what I want. Introduced in 1993 for trucks, vans, and SUVs, then in 1994 for rear-wheel-drive passenger cars, the 4L60E from General Motors is an evolution of the Turbo-Hydramatic 700R4 and replaced the tried and true TH350. Aug 13, 1:28am.

Here is the meat of the conversion, the 5-pinion rear planetary. Swapping a 4L60e Automatic for a T56 6 speed manual in a GMT400. The TCC is on a manual toggle. The adapter itself is machined from billet 6061 T6 aluminum, featuring thick flanges, a heavy cross-section, and superior strength. The 4L60E is a popular transmission swap for muscle car restorations to add the overdrive option & to update to a modern transmission. clutch master and slave cylinder.

The 4l60e shifts with electronic shift solenoids. The GM 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E 4l60e to manual swap Transmissions. The Late 4L60-E transmission has a three piece case of cast aluminum alloy; bellhousing, main case, and tailhousing. the reason im asking is because i like the idea of two more gears. If you have a GM motor produced after, consider a 6L80 or 6L90 automatic transmission or the TR6060 manual transmission. Why did I use the Nv3500 manual trans behind the 5. Big thing I see with the swap to a manual trans PCM is the TCC (I think it stand for torque converter coupler but anyways it is just the abbriviation for toque converter lock up) contoller.

This forces the 1-2 shift valve into the downshifted position. Most images used are my own, however some are taken from friends who have done the swap as well, all pictures are used with permission. With a short-tail TH350, there&39;s an approximately 2. 4 Forward gears Longitudinal mount (rear-wheel drive) 60 Relative torque rating 360 lb ft Electronic valve body. 3 I installed in the S10?

Theres a 12v wire on the brake switch that loses power when you press the brake. In the early 90s there was a problem of development of a heavy-duty automatic gearbox, which could be used in the Hummer cars equipped with the powerful petrol and diesel engines. Upgrading to the 5-pinion unit offers the ability to hold much higher torque values. The 4 indicates that this is a 4 speed transmission, with it being an automatic transmission in this case.

This Master Conversion Package Includes the following:. 700R4 Stock Conversion Package (7004-R 700R-4 TH700 4L60). so during the duration of the swap i changed nothing engine related. I know this is an. 5-inch difference in overall length, bellhousing face to tailshaft, compared with the 4L60E; this means you must shorten the front half of your. 4L60E Performance Specs. The transmission typically has pinned flare & o-ring fittings on the passenger side for a cooling circuit.

Now will it be a direct swap and plug and play. I know very little about the 4L60E, but from what I&39;ve read the only difference between 94Shortie and 04SivaradoMykks swap and mine is the TPS sensor. Unique Wiring Diagram 4l60e to manual swap Convert 4L80E To Manual Shift Internal With 4L80e.

Hey guys, the auto in my 96 4WD is about to pass on to that junkyard in the sky, and I&39;ll be buying a new(er) truck in a few months, so as a project I&39;d like to swap out the 4L60e for a manual. 4L60E to T56 conversion instructions forLT-1. The 4L60E is the latest in a long line of durable, high-function GM overdrive automatics that have come our way since the 1960s. so as the title states i am swapping my 1998 c5 corvette from a manual transmission to a automatic (4l60e). I have a chance to get a stock rebuilt 4L70E for ridiculously cheap.

Credits go to Alex Afrashteh for writing the bulk of this material. Specifically mine is a 1996 C1500 5. We’ve shimmed the 2-3 shuttle. There are a lot of differences in these transmissions and here are some of the things you have to consider if you are going to swap the 4L60e to a 4L80e transmission. Generally speaking, if you have a GM V8 motor manufactured between, direct swap solutions include the 4L60 and 4L80.

ie: Auto trans (4l60e) to TH400 (not electronic) trans. That will unlock the converter when you slow down via the brake pedal. 0" long for a combined transmission and adapter length of 24. A step by step to get me to the right part of the tune would be most helpful. You can score one of these units from a junkyard for 0-150 if you pu.

5" manual transmission). You need a pre 87 700 for it to shift properly it is an easy thing to do, a couple of vacum switches and youre in as for the 4l60e it needs third/fourth clutches more than likley. to do a good clean swap you will need: brake and clutch pedals and brackets. 5" (equivalent to a 17.

The sensor uses a long plastic plug that we were able to shorten by a quarter inch, but it still hit the. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with my engine or tune has changed, with the exception of the parameters for the transmission. Been contemplating this for my truck (1972 C10 with a 2-piece driveshaft). Converting from a 2 or 3-speed to the 4L60E Monster Transmission may also increase the value of your vehicle because of the great performance and fuel economy. Disconnect the vehicle wiring harness from the transmission at the case by squeezing the sides together while pulling the connector up.

The TH350 three-speed automatic had long been a mainstay with Chevy. 9" long - equivalent to a manual transmission of 15. And, the best manual option is the T56. Get the manual pedals in there, it is time to cut the holes for the master cylinder and the U-bolt. 4L80E 4L85E Stage 4 "The Sweeper" Rated 850HP Reverse Manual Valve Body.

4L60E to 4L80E Swap If you have checked the recent information in this article, you may have figured out already that swapping between these transmissions is not plug & play at all. 09|The 4L60E replaced the TH350 for ’82 which means its case is very similar in size and should fit anywhere a TH350 did. HOW TO: 4L60E swap to T56 (LS1 F-body) This is a discussion on HOW TO: 4L60E swap to T56 (LS1 F-body) within the Drivetrain forums, part of the LSx Technical Help Section category; Sure it may have been posted but heres the tut made a few years back. Automatic (4L60E) to Manual T56 Swap - Basic Questions Discussion 4l60e to manual swap in &39;4th Gen Camaro LTCamaro)&39; started by Eagle6387,.

In high-performance applications, the rear planetary carrier carries all the stress. I&39;m aware of the driveshaft probably needing to be shortened (looks like I&39;ve got a 6" tailshaft on the TH350, but I haven&39;t measured it to make sure) and plan to use a MegaShift for the electronics, but have a couple unanswered questions.

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